Alsion's very own Community Platform


Saberchat is an intranet platform that connects and centralizes your community's communication and notification platforms. It allows users to quickly share and access important information, and presents multiple platform-specific features for community projects. It is used across schools, clubs, organizations and more.

Developers: Kabir Samsi, Alexander Zhou, Siddharth Chavan, Dmitry Pleshkov, Vibhav Darsha
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  • Chat rooms for students and teachers
  • An inbox and notification system featuring an anonymous hotline
  • An announcement bulletin where teachers can post important announcements for all users to see
  • A preorder system for Early College's No Left Turn Cafe, which allows students to order online and receive status updates on their orders
  • A project bulletin, where teachers can post unique and exceptional student projects from their classes
  • Access to Alsion's school journal, Witherly Heights
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