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Witherly Heights Year-Ender Project
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Hi Everyone, Every year, Witherly Heights makes a year-ender on the top things throughout the year for Alsion Students. This includes favorite memories, favorite movies, and events! Please fill out this form for the year-ender! Can't wait to see what you all put!<a class="embedded-link" href="" target="_blank"></a> -Avani

New Saberchat Release - Version 1.6.0
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Hello all, Today we launch our newest update, Saberchat 1.6.0. This feature becomes the first to directly integrate updates made by our new intern team, including login interface updates and minor changes to our homepage. We have also streamlined the No Left Turn Cafe ordering platform in preparation for the launch of our preorder system, and integrated updates to increase our partnership with other major school organizations such as Student Council and(Log In To Read More)

New Saberchat Release - Version 1.5.0
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Hello all, We are delighted to announce the release of our latest version, Saberchat 1.5.0. This system addresses issues noted with our Cafe Preorder System, and ensures that all transactions and balance records are accurately stored. Furthermore, we introduce an updated project an announcement system, and mark this release with the inaguration of the official Saberchat Tutoring Center. Thank you and we hope you find these useful! Best, Saberchat Development team

Halloween Party Inquiry
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Hello all! Halloween is coming up! Please fill out the form below so we can celebrate this fun holiday together! ***Do keep in mind, however, that everything needs to be cleared by the teachers, so there may need to be some adjustments. ~The Alsion Student Council <a class="embedded-link" href="" target="_blank"></a>

Septober Social
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Hi everyone! The Setopber Social that Student Council organized is tomorrow (Friday, October 1st) from 3-4:30pm. For some specifics: -Attending the social will be free. If you would like boba, we will have a ticket station where for $2 you will receive a ticket to get one drink. - We have finalized the drink flavors we will be offering. We will have Mango Icy, Thai Milk Tea, and Jasmine Milk tea. The drink(Log In To Read More)

Next Wednesday, 9/29, is Pizza Day at the Café!
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We will be selling Costco pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza slices for $2 per slice.

Alsion parking lot closed 8:15-8:40 AM
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Dear Alsion families, Please do not enter the Alsion parking lot with your vehicles to drop off between 8:15-8:40 AM, Monday-Friday to avoid backups that could potentially block our entrance. You may drop off at the bottom of the hill at Mission Blvd & Witherly Ln or you may temporarily park in the adjacent Ohlone lot and walk to Alsion. Thank you!

Updated menu for cafe opening next week
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Please see our updated menu that will be available beginning Monday!

Alsion Eggs for Sale
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Hello! Our chicken's have been busy and we have eggs for sale! Reach out to Ms. Mimi or Mr. J.

Saberchat Update - Site Migrated to New Domain
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Hello Saberchat Users, Hope everyone is doing well! We have moved Saberchat from <a class="embedded-link" href="" target="_blank"></a> to <a class="embedded-link" href="" target="_blank"></a> – a name that is hopefully easier to remember. Along with that, the site is now a fair bit faster, and login sessions should now last longer. Best, Saberchat D. Team

Eggs for Sale!
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Hello! The hens at Alsion have been busy laying eggs. They are $5 per dozen. Text or call Mr. J. at <a class="embedded-link" href="tel:(209) 834-7409">(209) 834-7409</a> to arrange egg pickup. thank you, Mr. J.

Saberchat Update - Version 1.2.0 Released
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Hello Saberchat Users, Hope all of you are doing well! We are delighted to announce that today we are launching the site’s latest version, Saberchat 1.2.0. With it, we present media uploads across all site features - this includes images, videos, audio files and documents. We have also improved security throughout the site. As always, feel free to contact us with questions about features and updates. Best, Saberchat D. Team

Re-Enrollment Application Process
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Dear Parents, I hope the break was relaxing and safe. The return to school means that it is re-enrollment time. Attached is the policy packet for the 2021-2022 school year. Please take a moment to read through them. Here is also a link to the policies: <a class="embedded-link" href="" target="_blank"></a> Since this year we won't be sending hard copies of the application home with students, Alsion has three ways to receive and process your(Log In To Read More)

First Saberchat Announcement
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Hello to all new users! This is the first announcement on the Saberchat Bulletin. Feel free to navigate around and try out some of our features.