Alsion Community Projects

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway won a bet by writing a 6-word story: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Here's a sampling of some of our students' 6-Word Stories: "Midnight. The doll room is empty." "Eighteen pages, currently blank, due tonight." "Am I alone in this darkness?" "They witnessed the aftermath of war." "Silence was scarier than the screams." "She hid nickels and candy wrappers." "He disembarks the Greyhound; he's escaped." "Don't ever go through Door D." "Acer ran and (Log In To Read More)

Coastal Commission Art Work by 7th grader, Riley Hashimoto.

Coastal Commission Art Work by 8th grader, M. Paniker.

Coastal Commission Art Work by 9th grader, A. Bachu.

Coastal Commission Art Work by K. Hashimoto, a 9th grader.

Coastal Commission Art Work by S. Rudolph who is a 7th grader at Alsion.

Students created models of the heart and lungs out of Playdoh.

For this Cycle 3 photography assignment, students were to collect materials found ONLY in their homes and create a "constructed landscape". I have selected a few works to share with our community. Enjoy!

This is an example of a Saberchat student project! Here, the teacher would probably write a little bit about what prompted the students to do this project, how they went about it, etc. A description might resemble the following (the students mentioned serve as placeholders): This planter box filled with arugula, lettuce and cabbage is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication from our juniors A., V. and S. (Log In To Read More)